Chris’ Cafe

The Coffee Shop: Chris' Café

“It is all being started from humble beginnings, with a small but beautiful Giotto Rocket Espresso machine from Italy. Whilst new to the business I am committed to making and sharing great coffee.”

- Chris Drury, HUB Barista and Master of Catering

Beans, Principles, Partners

Chris' Café is an artisan coffee shop where Singapore's changemakers meet, collaborate and enjoy an exceptional cup of custom-blended coffee.

Chris' Café has been working on perfecting its house blend of coffee which is now ready for tasting at the cafe and soon to be availaible for home use. The beans are super premium, sustainably sourced, locally roasted, and always served with love at their absolute peak freshness for maximum crema and flavour- - enjoy!

We will work closely with our coffee suppliers to ensure that we grind and serve our coffee within the 7-8 day 'sweet spot' after roasting.

We will recycle our coffee grounds (they make great compost and can be used as a cleaning agent) and discourage use of any non-reusable, non- biodegradable products.

Other than coffee

  • Barista training will be made available and practical work experience offered to HUB members.
  • We will be serving a range of fresh, home made, organic or locally sourced food, and intend to develop a network of suppliers who will work from home in a cottage industry set up. We have had lots of interest in this area and it looks set for an exciting menu.
  • We have received permission to serve alcohol on the premises and will be offering alcoholic drinks after 6 PM, they will also be available for specialised catered events.
  • We will constantly listen to and share ideas with the International HUB community and with local members to improve our service.
  • We will have guest / renowned baristas from time to time who will run workshops for people wanting to learn more about coffee.

At all times we want to act on and encourage the values, ethics and culture of The HUB Singapore.

You can reach Chris at

A little about myself

"I am an Australian born PR who has lived here for the last 11 years, married and happily settled in Singapore.

I grew up and was educated in Australia and hold an Economics degree from Griffith University and a Fellowship from the Australian and New Zealand Finance and Insurance Institute.

My professional background has been in the International Reinsurance Broking market and I have worked for broking houses in London, Sydney, New York and more recently Asia where I was the regional Executive Director and Singapore Management board member for the world’s largest reinsurance broking firm.

I have been interested in the Social Enterprise space for some time and have been juggling work commitments with volunteering at aidha and several other social enterprises for the last three years, and am presently committed full time to this space.

I am a founding member of The HUB Singapore. When I was asked whether I would be interested in opening the coffee shop within the space I jumped at the opportunity - I saw it as a great way to enjoy the fantastic, positive energy of The HUB Singapore, help others, develop business ideas, and share the joy of making and drinking great coffee, all at the same time!"


Chris’ Café is specially for Hubbers, guests and partners. If you’re visiting a Hubber, come try his coffee! HUB Barista Chris and Barista-in-Training, Janice, are around from 8.30 AM to 5PM every weekday.

For customized events catering, get in touch with Chris by email.