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What is coworking?

Everyday, we're buzzing with Hubbers coworking out of our space at Somerset Road. Coworking space is what makes up most of The Hub Singapore!

What is coworking you ask? Here's a quick video showing what makes it different from working at home or in an office.

Hold events at The Hub Singapore!

We're a modular space to fit talks, unconferences, social mixers, workshops, story slams, or even film screenings... Events with a social, environmental, cultural, or entrepreneurial purpose.

Hubbers love that we are a 2 minute stroll from Somerset MRT-- and your audiences will too! We are highly recognizable as the red building with the iconic Red Bus parked outside.

Our Ground Floor is available to members as an event space on weekday evenings and weekends. Casual yet energetic, our space has played host to 350+ events across 2 years.

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Our Spaces

Ground Floor - Cowork and Event Space

Event space to fit up to 100 people, only available on weekday evenings or weekends | Used as a high-energy cowork space on weekdays | Projector and AV system | 3 break-out studios that fit 4 to 8 people (Hublet 1, Hublet 2, and Hublet 3) | Chris' cafe with responsibly-sourced coffee beans (open weekday mornings and afternoons) | Sofas | Loo for ladies and gents

Level 2 Coworking Space

Our productivity space populated with desks and office chairs | Bar seating | Attached 'phone booth' and siesta room | Members' library area | Pantry with hot/cold water dispenser | Loo for ladies and gents, with shower facilities | The Hubbatron, a high-privacy meeting room for 10 to 12 people, with live-stream capabilities | *Not available for event hire

The Hubbatron

A high-privacy meeting room, larger than our Hublets | Fits 10 - 12 around a table for conference calls and group meetings | Fits up to 25 people for workshops | 42" TV screen with a wide-angle camera and air mouse for presentations, live-streaming, and Skyping | Sound-proofed walls | *Available for event hire!

The Hublets

Meeting rooms for Hubbers and their teams or guests | Hublet 1 sits 4 to 5 around a table | Hublet 2 sits 4 around a low coffee table | Hublet 3 sits up to 8 around a table *Not available for event hire|

Tips for event organizers

Our layout is modular and flexible; move chairs & tables around as you like. The rule of thumb: simply return the space to its original condition after use.

We provide training for space optimization and sound equipment (15 min session), and recommend it as long as your event uses the sound system or expects between 30 to 100 people. Make a date with the team (Mon - Fri: 9.00AM to 5.00PM) at least a week before your event.

Please note that the Hub team is not around on weekends. If your event is on a Saturday or Sunday, it's especially important to meet us for equipment training.

Make sure you have enough helpers on your team, so that both setup and the event run as you desire. We recommend that you arrive an hour before your event.

Please recognise us (via logos, credit, Facebook tagging, etc.) as your venue supporter on all promotional material. It will make locating us even easier for your guests. We'll send you a convenient little blurb, directions, and our logo.

Terms and Conditions for Space Hire

Event Organizers are responsible for timely setup and clean-up of their event. If You, as an Event Organizer, require assistance from the team in arranging the furniture, please note that there will be a $50 logistics fee. For takedown, there will also be a $50 logistics fee for event organizers who do not restore the space to its original coworking layout. To save on these extra costs, simply follow our space guide that is sent upon confirmation of booking.

Space hire for events is available, using the Ground Floor or Hubbatron, according to prevailing rates. Please book using our online booking form or via written communication to events [a] thehub.sg, and make payment through PayPal or bank transfer.

To confirm your booking for space hire, You need to pay for it in advance, latest on the day of the event. An invoice will be sent to You once the booking is confirmed.

The preferred method of payment for space hire is PayPal or bank transfer. If you opt to pay by Cash or Cheque, please request this option from Events Curator, Kirsty Furniss, at events[a]thehub.sg.

We reserve the right to charge 2% interest per month on the invoice amount for late payments. A minimum charge of $10 applies.

If an Event Organizer needs to cancel a confirmed event at our premises, we appreciate the cancellation information as early as possible. Last minute cancellation charges apply (75% for less than 1 weeks' notice, 50% for 1-2 weeks' notice).

Individual agreements on event hire will incur a $50 charge in case of event cancellation of up to 1 week before the event.

Meeting rooms are available and free only for Hub Singapore members, for membership tiers under Hub Cultivate and Hub Cowork. Members may book for up to 2 hours per meeting for free, on a first-come-first-serve basis using Hub Portal. Longer bookings are available for members for the Hubbatron-- simply write to events [a] thehub.sg.


70 foldable chairs

40 stackable chairs/stools

2 holding mics (no mic stands)

Modular tables on level 1-- the tops come off, the legs fold up. Including a 14 seater long dining table!

Ceiling projector on each floor, with screen. Portable projector available for meeting rooms.

Large mobile whiteboards

At affordable prices: Flipcharts and colour printing

More services

Catering (by request): Our friendly Hub barista, Chris, can customize a menu to suit your needs, budget and number of people. We've done organic breakfast spreads, hand-brewed coffee and luxe sandwiches for previous happy event partners.

Publicity: For events open to the public and/or Hubbers, we help co-promote your event through our event schedule, event wall and possibly even newsletter!

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For Event Organizers

small hub gather

Would you like to hold your event at The Hub Singapore? Though usually reserved for Hubbers’ use, we welcome event organizers to approach us! Becoming a Hubber allows you to enjoy some of the best rates for a highly-accessible downtown space.

Events at The Hub need to be mission-aligned: related to social ventures, entrepreneurship, arts and culture.

Come recce our space to see if it’s right for you- we hold Open House Hours twice a week.

To book The Hub Singapore, fill in our online form at least 2 weeks before your event. We will respond and confirm your booking within 48 hours.

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