hub passport banner

Traveling? As a member of The Hub Singapore, we are excited that you are choosing to take advantage of The Hub’s amazing, global network of communities. The Hub created the “passport” to encourage members to stay connected when traveling. Here is how it works:

All Hub members get one free day per visit in any other of the 60+ Hubs in the network . In addition, current passport partnerships include:

  • Australia - through our dedicated partnership with The Hub Australia, you can get 2 free days per quarter in any of the 3 Australian Hubs: Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney.
  • Indonesia: we have also developed a specific partnership with another co-working space in Bali, Indonesia: Hubud. You can get 5 free days per quarter if you want to work from Hubud in Bali.
  • Thailand: our latest partnership is now ON! Our friends from HUBBA in the heart of Bangkok will host Hub Singapore members for 2 free days per quarter, if you Hub 2 days per week at The Hub Singapore. They will host you for 3 free days per quarter, if you Hub with us 3 days per work, etc.

  • We are also developing a regional passport with other co-working spaces for South East Asia for our members only. Stay tuned!

    Get connected before you go! Please contact in advance our Community and Space manager, by emailing, and she will connect you with the Hub you would like to visit.