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We welcome anyone who is purpose-driven-- be it a commitment to finding your personal purpose, or using your work to play a part in a broader societal purpose.

Do you have a burning reason to jump out of bed every morning, or to stay up all night? Do you believe that money is not all the world has to offer-- that mastery and meaning are just as important to you? Would you like to champion a solution for the most pressing issues of today?

If so, you'll find a home at The Hub. We'd love to have you regardless of the stage of your business or project. You could be an entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, professional, creative, civil servant, student or just a person with an idea. You could be at an exploratory stage, prototyping, newly seed-funded, working with your first customers, or ready for growth.


All memberships are individual. Hours cannot be shared or transferred.

Teams love The Hub (and The Hub loves them back)! Instead of signing up, write to We can tailor a mixture of memberships to suit your team.

All rates shown are valid till end 2014. New membership types may be added or membership rates revised.

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Promotions and Discounts

For all Hub Cultivate and Cowork memberships: 1 month free for half a year signup; 2 months free for annual signup.

How do I pick a membership?

Membership is based on a flexible model, with no deposit. You can switch your monthly membership to suit your needs!

Hub Connect membership is our lightest membership: for those who have a workplace, but who would like to attend Hubbers-exclusive events, enjoy member-exclusive events and programmes, organize events at The Hub Singapore at member-exclusive rates, and tap into the connections and expertise of our diverse community (both local and global). You can also pop by The Hub to cowork for just an afternoon each month.

Hub Cultivate membership is great for those who wish to be a part of The Hub, but who don't feel the need to work from our space. Gain one complimentary coaching session with our Coach-in-Residence and access to our 37 Hub Mentors. You can also book meeting rooms for a maximum of 2 hours at no extra charge. Hub Cultivate is the ideal membership for people looking to change career paths and who appreciate the support of a courageous community as they transition. All benefits of Hub Connect membership are included in Cultivate membership-- with one day a month to cowork at The Hub.

Hub Cowork memberships are the most rewarding memberships we offer for those of you needing a place from which to work. Whether you are looking to work daily from The Hub, or would simply like a change of environment once a week, we have 5 tiers to suit just the amount of time you need. All benefits of Hub Connect and Hub Cultivate are included in Cowork membership: enjoy event discounts, exclusive member events, event space hire, coaching, access to meeting rooms, access to 37 mentors, a hosted environment, active connections and more! For Second Home, Resident and Native- you'll also get the use of The Hub as a mailing address.

All members gain access to Hubnet, the Hub network's internal digital connection platform, a resource for instant connection to 7000 Hubbers in 54+ Hubs across 5 continents!

Are there membership trials?

We offer Day Passes at $50 for individuals who want to dip their toes into the water. Write to to let us know when you're coming.

Become a Member 

Want to know more?

Come for an Open House Tour, held every Wednesday at 11.30am and Friday at 4.00pm (except public holidays). Led by a team member, these sessions will help you decide if The Hub is the community for you. We'll be glad to help you pick the most suitable membership type.

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Read about full Terms & Conditions for membership at the bottom of our membership form.