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Date: 03-22-2017

Mar 22: Fashion Sustainability 101 Series: Certification @ Cuppage

7pm - 9pm

The mission of Connected Threads Asia is to educate consumers about the negative social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry and providing them sustainable alternatives. We believe that education plays a vital role for this change to happen. We are always looking at ways to inspire the community by providing new and relevant initiatives and opening doors for collaboration.

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Date: 03-23-2017

Mar 23rd: Sunshine Nation - Entertainment Business in Singapore @ Prinsep

7:00 - 9:00 PM

We are delighted to host Alexander Linnerth, Director Marketing Sunshine Nation Pte. Ltd., who will share their experience in setting up their amazing musical and cultural events. 

Sunshine Nation is a new kind of event and travel company that creates, markets and operates innovative lifestyle entertainment concepts. It is popular for parties with electronic music – at festivals, yachts, bars or just on the street. Sunshine Nation brands include eg. “Garden Beats”, “Circular Road Block Party” and “The Sail Spin”.

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Date: 03-22-2017

Mar 22nd: Step Up Speak Out @ Prinsep

10 AM - 1 PM

Come join the interactive panel discussions as we kickstart conversations around dementia and the impact younger caregivers face!

Step Up, Speak Out! is an outreach event for the younger community (ages 39 and below) that aims to kickstart conversations around dementia, the impact younger caregivers face and how one can balance the journey while at work or in school.

Part of Step Up, Speak Out!’s goal is to also help uncover younger caregivers who are looking for a space of identification.

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Date: 04-04-2017

Apr 4th: Get Wasted, Session 2: Plastic On Our Plates @ Prinsep

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Our 2nd Get Wasted Session : "Plastics On Our Plates" is dedicated to one of our most pressing issues: the 8 million tonnes of plastic leaking into the oceans every year.

We will be screening 'A Plastic Ocean', an award winning documentary film, followed by a Q&A panel discussion featuring business leaders, ground-up movement initiatives, social entrepreneurs and creatives.

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Date: 04-05-2017

Apr 5th: Fuckup Nights - Singapore, Vol. XV @ Prinsep

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Fuckup Nights Singapore is back for ROUND 15!

There's a lot of press around success, and not enough for all the frustrating, confusing, chaotic, hilarious moments inbetween.

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Date: 03-22-2017

Apr 6th: The Startup Lifecycle: From Seed to Exit @ Cuppage

7pm - 9pm

Join us for the first ever BY FOUNDERS FOR FOUNDERS (BFFFSG) panel where you will get to hear firsthand from startup founders that have successfully raised at different stages, from Seed, Series A and B to Exit. Learn tips & tricks, big pitfalls to avoid, what investors are looking for and how equity & dilution works and so much more.

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