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Our members are lovingly dubbed Hubbers. Hub Cowork members use The Hub Singapore as a base for work, play and inspiration, so come on by and meet them in person. Hub Connect members have their own offices, but pop in to The Hub Singapore when they can to throw or attend events. Additionally we're part of a global network of over 7000 Hubbers who can be reached through The Hub's online collaboration and connections platform, HUBnet. Our team and Hosts are always open to curating connections for you!

Get to know The Hub Singapore's community. From 3 members on the first day we opened in May 2012... Today, we are at nearly 500 Connect and Cowork Hubbers. Our community is still growing week by week and we're working on expanding the physical space in 2014.

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Who can I bump into at The Hub Singapore?
  • Kriti Kapoor

    "I’m an experienced marketing professional and recently transitioned into the brilliant & challenging world of entrepreneurship. My interest lies in the areas of mobile technology/apps, mobile commerce, social media and how we can unleash the human potential.

    My goal is to create successful technology-backed ventures focused on the education of women & kids in emerging markets, to alleviate poverty. We now have the technology, capability and scale to touch the lives of many more!

    Latest (ad)venture:, Singapore’s marketplace for classes and workshops, celebrates lifelong learning." | |

  • "We are Audrey Tan, Min Xuan Lee, Co-Founders at

    The PlayMoolah philosophy is to bring forth the vision that money is used as a tool to create value in the world, we design to inspire action in children and teens as they practice money management and beyond.

    At the core is a fun online platform for kids 6 and up to learn about money. We leverage game mechanics for behavioral change, empowering children with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for financial capability.

    PlayMoolah brings together an ecosystem of partners to deliver financial education and access to people around the world."

  • Emily Teng

    "One woman, many hats.  By night she's the voice at Power98 FM and for all the other times, she's a WorldChangeAgent with 'Blessings in a Bag' (BIAB) and 'OKRA'.

    BIAB: Inspires people to be the generation of WorldChangeAgents; believes that anyone & everyone can make a difference; partners with people to provide for the needs for kids and communities across Asia.

    OKRA has been 'in the works' since 2008 and celebrates the spirit and sisterhood amongst women and creates a source of income for women who wouldn't normally be able to find work.  Some were part of the human trafficking trade, others, mums who wish to supplement the family income.  An online store is being planned for end 2012." |

  • Jeffrey Paine is the founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, an early stage technology incubator based in Singapore with a focus across Southeast Asia.

    Jeff started and manages the Founder Institute in Asia where he is currently overseeing its expansion in the region. Since 2010 the Founder Institute has graduated over 60 companies in Asia.

  • Jeremy Au

    "With a passionate team of fellow volunteers, I co-founded and now lead Conjunct Consulting, a groundbreaking nonprofit providing strategic guidance for Asia's social sector. We create maximum social impact by catalyzing strategic change and empowering the next generation of social sector leaders.

    We are 100% committed to providing pro bono strategy consulting services, nurturing members with social sector leadership skills and drawing on the strengths of truly inter-disciplinary teams with top professionals and students. Not only have we delivered on wonderful client and volunteer experiences, we've grown in scope for sustainability - and scaled successfully across Singapore and abroad!

    You can find out more about who we are, why we care and our track record at"

  • Kate Tan & Maisha Miranda

    "We run, an online retailer that curates and supports upcoming designers from the Asia Pacific. Started in January 2012, stocks contemporary and fashion forward women's apparel, bags and accessories. ERIIN is an avid supporter of young talent, and consistently aims to collaborate with and cultivate such individuals.

    We are business graduates from the National University of Singapore, with specializations in Finance and Marketing. We recently branched out into consulting for other start-ups, taking up branding, marketing, PR, social media and events as our specialties."

  • Lara Dudley & Ayla Kremb

    "You know how most consultants just tell you what to do and then leave you high and dry on the execution? Turns out coming up with an idea is the easy part, but implementing on that very vision is a where things get difficult.

    This is where we come in. We actually join your team to get stuff done.

    From day one we're out the building, validating your business idea, streamlining your operations, crunching numbers and writing content for your product.

    Before you know it, you've accelerated through your most critical stage of growth and you have a kick-ass business to show for it.

    If getting stuff done gets you fired up, give us a shout at We're excited to meet you over a coffee at The Hub!"

  • Scott Bales

    "I am Scott, Founder & Chief Mobile Officer at the Financial Services Startup, Movenbank. After months of hard work, my team has pulled together our first working of version our credibility score engine called, CRED, which uses a combination of financial wellness, social media metrics, transactional insight, and feedback loops to provide customers with the ability to understand their day-to-day financial behaviour.

    The longer term vision is to create an highly engagement everyday payment utility that gives the user intuitive feedback to help them spend, save and live smarter. So over time, your financial health improves. Hoping I can make banking & payments truly exciting. :)" |

  • Ashwin Subramaniam

    "I am the co-founder of Gone Adventurin', a social enterprise which designs & executes inspiring adventure-driven experiences to empower social development organizations around the world."

  • Adeline Chu

    "Currently the Chief Marketing Imagineer for Playmoolah and a Mentor at The HUB. Interested in working with other individuals who are pursuing their passion and love what they are doing." |

  • Ciaran Lyons

    "I dabble in technology of all sorts for Newton Circus (not the hawker centre) and am a big fan of mobile, persuasive technology and behaviour change.

    So much so, in fact, that I'm an organiser for the Singapore chapter of the Quantified Self meetup group." |

  • Mouna Aori

    "... I am currently setting up a social enterprise (Micro-House Initiative) that provides affordable housing solutions for the urban lower income people in developing countries.

    My target country as a start is Cambodia. The idea would be to build modular houses using low weight innovative building materials in a minimum of time while partnering with micro-finance institutions."

  • Peter Yang

    "I run a social enterprise called Empact providing book keeping, fund raising and other operation support (like contract drafting) to SEs.

    Besides providing services, we organise experiential learning activities on a monthly basis."

  • Jeraldine Phneah

    "I am a final year student reading communications at NTU. In 2012, I decided to combine my love for charity and communications to establish Creatives For Causes. We are a pro bono communications agency which seeks to spread awareness and inspire action for social causes by:

    A) Matching the needs of our clients to our creative volunteers

    A)B) Initiating our own campaigns and projects

    Services we provide: photography, videography, graphic design, PR and many more!"

  • Epirot Ludvik Nekaj

    "I'm the CEO & Co-founder of Crowdsourcing Week, a global platform to educate enterprise c-level executives on how to improve their bottom line by leveraging the power of the crowd."

  • Clarence Ching

    "I am currently a 17 year-old studying Business And Social Enterprise in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and I have plans to set up a study café hiring youths-at-risk, and providing tuition services for the lower-income in Singapore.

    Being a volunteer at weekly meet-the-people's sessions in Chinatown and Youth Executive Committee in West Coast, I see a need to ignite social change in the education sector."