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We build ecosystems that support your journey from an early-stage startup to a mature venture. We understand that pursuing life on your own terms is not an easy journey.

This is why we have built Singapore’s largest community of problem-solvers and their supporters, so that our members can find co-conspirators, mentors, investors, co-founders, and allies:

  • 700+ entrepreneurs, professionals, freelancers ready for collaboration
  • 50 corporate, university and government partners
  • 9 VC funds and investors-in-residence
  • A regional and global network
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the hub singapore

What do we stand for?

the hub singapore

Our vision

World transformation is created by connected and courageous entrepreneurs.

the hub singapore

Our mission

To create Asia's largest community of entrepreneurs dedicated to prototyping the future of business, society and technology.

the hub singapore

Our values

Community first
We are ecosystem builders
Outperform Ourselves
We do what is right, not what is easy
Always Open


  • “So much love. Impact Hub Singapore is where all the magic happens!”

    Min Xuan Lee, PlayMoolah

  • “Impact Hub Singapore is the living room of the Singapore startup community.”

    Rishi Israni, Zimplistic

  • “Impact Hub Singapore is a great community of peers, mentors and experts, which helps you get back on track when you need it the most.”

    Satya Kothimangalam, Milaap

  • “Having worked on Peaks Foundation solo in Switzerland and France and slogged away on so many challenges, it is incredible how much Impact Hub Singapore has moved us ahead in leaps and bounds over the past few months, and I really appreciate it.”

    Chloe Chick, The Peaks Foundation

  • “I’m glad we have spaces like this in Singapore, environments that support people with the courage, passion and ideas to change things for the better. The energy of the place and courage of the young social entrepreneurs are contagious.”

    Bernice Ang, Civil Service College Participant

We provide startups in Singapore with:

  • Hub Mentoring Programmes. Our Hub mentors have been there, done that. Draw on their expertise and knowledge to help further your business goals.
  • Focus. The local coffee shop Wi-Fi won’t cut it. You need a dedicated place to work and maximize productivity!
  • Access to funding and incubation. Our Hub Ventures Fund, Investor-in-Residence and Incubation Programs get you from one stage to the next.
  • Networking events. Meet with dreamers, disruptors, innovators in the Singapore entrepreneur ecosystem – to see if you can learn, innovate, and collaborate.
  • Fundraising workshops. Series funding is a serious endeavor. Attend exclusive events with VCs, entrepreneurs, and startup experts as they share insights to get you (more) ready for investment.
  • Consultancy with Hub experts. Impact Hub Singapore is home to entrepreneurs who are willing to share lessons learned from their success and what to avoid from their mistakes. 
  • Incorporation services. Spend less time on paperwork and more time on running your business with our partners quick and easy incorporation services.
  • Marketing support. Have a great product? We can help you get out the word through social media and our thought leadership platforms.
  • A hosted environment. Need a smiling face and helping hand? “Hub Hosts” are part curator, part friendly ear, part troubleshooter, part networking guru, part office manager-- and 100% friendly. At Impact Hub Singapore, our hosts are fully vested into shaping up your environment and strategising ways to inspire you and make you feel at home.
  • A thriving global network. Have a global home with access to 84+ Hubs and 10,000+ Hubbers worldwide, with Impact Hub Singapore as your base for future expansion. You will also be given priority entrance to iconic events and workshops and a base during international travel.
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